Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where Rowling met Harry

I’ve not read a single Harry Potter. Therefore, I’ve not read too much about JK Rowling, either.
But I can’t escape the hype and the hoopla, as my children are 18 and 20, and they’ve been brought up on a diet of dal, sabzi, chawal and Potter.
And this morning, as the world went potty over Potter, I wondered about who inspired Rowling to name the protagonist Harry.
Harry Houdini, the incredible escape artist?

“Dirty” Harry Callahan, the inspector who took on the dirtiest of cases and magically nailed the criminals responsible?

Or Harry S (for nothing) Truman, who defied the pollsters and became President of the United States?

Or a Harry I can’t recall?

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dharmabum said...

hey, i have no idea which harry. but i do know that i haven't read any of the potter books either :)